Thursday, May 2, 2019

festival fashion: my coachella looks

every year in april, our instagram timelines are flooded with photos of bronzed, glittered girls in their festival outfits standing in front of the coachella ferris wheel and whatever other art is on display that year. 

this is some of my favorite content so it bums me out that it's become so oversaturated.

I hate that coachella has kind of become looked at as a "hey look at me, look at how much fun I'm having" kind of event because I'm truly enjoying every second of it and love capturing those moments - It's not for bragging rights. When I'm documenting my favorite moments it's more for me then for anybody else - I've always loved documenting everything even before social media became the giant that it is and I know I'll continue to be the annoying girl with the camera even when instagram fades out one day. 

being the self-proclaimed coachella veteran that I am, I really look forward to picking out my outfits every year and I think I've gotten pretty damn good at it. COMFORT IS KEY. Looking cute won't matter when your blisters are killing you and the bloating from all the food/alcohol kicks in. 

I loved my outfits this year because they were lightweight, comfortable, and made me feel good. 

I paired each outfit with an old pair Born booties (the most comfortable boots I own) because they are so comfortable, supportive, and have already been worn to death so I won't worry about destroying them at the festival. 

Day 1
I was most excited for this outfit so I immediately went for it getting dressed Day 1. This set made for an effortless festival outfit. The shorts were elastic waisted which I love and all I had to do was accessorize it with a vintage belt and necklace to make it cool. 

Day 2
When shopping around for my outfits I knew I wanted things loose and flowy because that's how I'm most comfortable running around in the heat. This skirt ended up being perfect for just that and I loved the asymmetrical hem because it flows with you as you move. I paired this with a bralette because that's always the perfect festival go-to and accessorized it with an o-ring chain belt I grabbed from Forever 21 (Sold out - similar style is linked here: O-Ring Chain Belt) and my silk bandana from 12th tribe (Another festival necessity - the dirt being kicked up into the air by the thousands of feet and wind is no joke)

Day 3
Last but not least, Planet Blue opened up an outlet store at the Camarillo Outlets so I stopped by to try to find some last minute options. I found this tie-dye Blue Life dress that was light-weight + loose but had a low-cut neckline so I knew immediately I wanted to do a body chain to add something extra. 

Since I bought the dress at an outlet, it's no longer available online but here's a similar style: Forever 21 Tie-Dye Y-Back Mini Dress
I always go cheap with body-chains (Forever 21, Windsor) The one I bought is also sold out but here's a comparable style: 

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